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Welcome to Vibrant Earth

Welcome to my website

I’m Sara Greenwood, and am a Geomancer and a Dowser. The following pages offer an insight into the fascinating subjects of Geomancy, Dowsing and Geopathic stress and outline the range of services that I am able to offer to clients to help them improve their living environments through on site consultation or remote work. It also outlines tutoring services I can offer to help people develop skills in dowsing and forming a deeper connection with the landscape.

Onsite Consultation

I specialise in reducing, alleviating or offering solutions to counter the effects of Geopathic, Geopsychic and Technopathic stress from the home environment and within landscapes.  There are a wide variety of strategies for reducing or eliminating geopathic stress and its effects from your environment. Find out more…

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Courses and Training

I am a British Society of Dowsers Registered Tutor and am available to teach this fascinating skill to those who are interested. I offer short workshops to groups of friends in someone’s house or to people from a local community in a community building, such as a village hall. I can also give individual tuition in dowsing. Find out more…


About Geomancy and Dowsing

Geomancy literally means ‘divining the earth’ and is founded in various disciplines, such as dowsing, astronomy and sacred geometry, which essentially deals with our perception and definition of space. Dowsing is used worldwide to find water and minerals, and experienced people can earn a good living as professional dowsers, saving commercial companies thousands of pounds. Find out more…

Sacred Geometry

In ancient times, when stone circles were being built, and in early Christian times, people knew that spaces constructed using the principles of sacred geometry acted as a bridge between the worlds, and built their ceremonial structures based on sacred geometric principles. Find out more…


Geopathic Stress

The earth is a living, evolving system, supporting a myriad of life forms, and withstanding a multitude of impacts on and below her surface from natural occurrences, such as volcanoes and hurricanes, and from increasing human occupation and exploitation. Find out more…

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About Technopathic Stress

Technopathic Stress is a relatively new phenomenon that has developed as a result of our modern lifestyle, with which comes a need for a plethora of gadgets to ‘ease’ our everyday lives. New technology has populated our environment with mobile phone masts, WiFi, microwaves, power frequency fields from power lines and electrical items in the home. Find out more…

If you want to find out more about the subjects covered on this website please contact me.

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