Sara Greenwood – Background

Sara has a varied background of experience from which she is able to harvest a unique combination of skills and knowledge to assist and inform her work. Her sensitivity and connection to the energies of the land come from early training as an environmental biologist, with 16 years experience of managing conservation and environmental education projects in several countries.

Over several years,  she also gained an understanding of horticulture, of restoring sites for horticultural and therapeutic purposes and learned how people respond positively to being in beneficial outdoor environments. From these experiences, Sara has gained an understanding of the vital relationship between people and their land.

This is coupled with over 30 years experience in dowsing, with formal training in geomancy and healing, bringing the concept of spiritual ecology, harmony and form into her work.

Sara is a member of the British Society of Dowsers Professional Register and a BSD Registered Tutor. She is a founder member of the Geomancy Group – a professional peer support group for practising geomancers.

Other expertise brought to her work includes being a Reiki Master, a Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner and a Mindfulness teacher. Sara enjoys regularly updating and expanding her professional training to improve her knowledge and understanding which she is glad to be able to use for the benefit and well-being of her clients, their families, and their living environment.

Sara is based in Cornwall, although she works all over the UK.

“After living in our current house for the last 14 years we have had a range of bizarre physical symptoms and deteriorating health problems. I was reading a book on bio energy and healing with a chapter that was devoted to geopathic stress and dowsing. All of the symptoms listed matched and I then searched for the nearest practitioner. As soon as I came across Sara on I instantly felt she had the expertise we needed.

The initial consultation confirmed that our house was under a high level of geopathic and geopsychic stress. The rooms where the symptoms were highest were where these energy lines were crossing.

We were keen to have Sara come to the property to properly dowse the house and try and clear the energy lines. She was very warm, friendly and explained the processes behind what was going on. To see the dowsing rods literally spinning in the kitchen where the most of our physical problems happened was incredible. Six weeks after Sara had performed some earth acupuncture and clearing of energies, we all feel a lot calmer, with the symptoms at first reducing to now finally settling. We all now sleep better too.

We can’t thank Sara enough for what she has done, our only wish is that we had been aware of her and dowsing sooner. Sara is very professional in her work and clearly knows her field very well. I would recommend her services to both homes and businesses to improve health and positive energy flow.”  GM Luton