Geomancy, Dowsing and Sacred Geometry


Geomancy literally means ‘divining the earth’ and is founded in various disciplines, such as dowsing, astronomy and sacred geometry, which essentially deals with our perception and definition of space.


Dowsing is a wonderful tool and one that we can all use. My personal belief is that the ability to dowse was something that came very naturally to our ancestors, like a sixth sense – it was a survival sense which helped us to find water, for example. Many animals worldwide utilise this ability for survival. Over thousands of years, as humans have become less nomadic and more settled and industrialised, this sense has not been regularly used, to the extent that today it seems unusual to show a skill in dowsing. However, with practice, it can become a useful skill again.

Dowsing is used worldwide to find water and minerals, and experienced people can earn a good living as professional dowsers, saving commercial companies thousands of pounds.

It is also used in archaeology, to assist with locating ancient sites and artefacts and many complementary health practitioners use dowsing to assist them with their understanding of health complaints, and subsequent selection of remedies or therapies.

There are many applications for my own dowsing practise. In my work as a geomancer, I use dowsing to locate areas in people’s houses that are detrimental to health and to locate which places can be worked upon to ease the ensuing geopathic stress. These can sometimes also be detected or sourced as a trauma in the wider landscape. I can work with these detrimental energies, and transform them to ease, heal and harmonise a space or location.

In my home life, I regularly apply dowsing to assist myself and my family with health matters and can even use it to help me with cooking – for example ‘is my egg boiled how I like it?’ or “how much longer does that cake need before it’s ready?’ Some people dowse to see which colour clothes would make them feel uplifted that day! It really can be applied anywhere!

Sacred Geometry

In ancient times, when stone circles were being built, and in early Christian times, people knew that spaces constructed using the principles of sacred geometry acted as a bridge between the worlds, and built their ceremonial structures and religious temples (churches) based on sacred geometric principles to enhance the energies within.

One can relate this to our lives today – whenever we wish to commune with our Gods, meditate, worship, contact our higher selves, whatever name we give to the practice; we tend to disassociate ourselves from the everyday mundane world by going to a place that has some spiritual meaning for us.

Whether this is a church, temple, stone ring or simply a corner of our bedroom, the concept is the same. Most of these places (with the possible exception of the last) are sacred spaces constructed using sacred geometry.

To the masons who raised the great gothic cathedrals and other places of worship, sacred geometry was of paramount importance to the construction; indeed no religious establishment could be expected to function properly without it.

The spaces are designed to be uplifting to the spirit, to resonate on a subconscious level, in such a way that many of these structures possess extraordinary acoustic properties, a result of the inter-related harmonic structure behind both music and geometry. Certain types of music were designed to be sacred geometry you can hear, so it is little wonder the buildings resonate with it.