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Welcome to my News and Events page. In the section below here there are a series of boxes. Each one represents a news or event item. If you click on the image, title or read more…. link in a box it will expand to show you the detail. I will list my course on this page along with any special events. The most recent news is in the top left on the page, with the older news further down the page.

Dowsing for Health 19th November 2017 Ivinghoe

10am to 4pm One of the most popular applications of dowsing. This workshop is suitable for people who have completed a beginner’s course or can already dowse. It may be of interest to complementary therapists, or anyone keen to learn how to use dowsing to help them...

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Introduction to Dowsing 18th November 2017 Ivinghoe

Times: 10am to 4pm This is an introductory level workshop for beginners, during which you will learn about this fascinating skill and its many uses. Various dowsing tools will be demonstrated and you will be able to have a go at developing and practising your own...

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