On site consultation for Geopathic Stress and other detrimental factors affecting a place and its inhabitants

I specialise in reducing, alleviating or offering solutions to counter the effects of Geopathic, Geopsychic and Technopathic stress from the home environment and within landscapes.  There are a wide variety of strategies for reducing or eliminating geopathic stress and its effects from your environment. Some of these include using earth acupuncture techniques which subtly change the local magnetic environment.  Most homes and workplaces can be cleared of geopathic stress and its effects either with a single visit or a small number of visits spaced over time.

How I work

An initial assessment of the situation is carried out by taking initial information over the phone and/or through the completion of a questionnaire.  I use a floor plan of a client’s house and research the immediate environment around the property and the surrounding area and will feed back the results to my clients.

Should they choose to go ahead, I can then arrange an on site consultation, when I will carry out the remedial work necessary to rebalance and harmonise the space. I will check the property for technopathic stress as part of the consultation and recommend suitable ways to reducing exposure to this. I follow up with clients 6 weeks after a visit to check with them that all is well and that there are improvements.
I charge £45 to carry out the initial assessment and will price on-site work individually, based on the extent of work to be done and travel time/distance.
Please contact me using the form provided if you would like further information about this service.  If you would like more information about Geopathic Stress, please see the appropriate page on this website
“I must say that things picked up quite dramatically at work towards the end of last year in the office after your visit and it was funny that a number of my colleagues (who as you know were unaware of your visit) made comments along the lines of ‘the vibe in the office feels much better’! That’s when I knew business had improved. Something has definitely been lifted, I am sure. As for me, I think my physical health has improved. I will check in with you in 6 months time as I am keen to monitor and keep things positive for the foreseeable future. Thank you!”   RB, London

Dowsing tuition and individual coaching

I am a British Society of Dowsers Registered Tutor and am available to teach this fascinating skill to those who are interested. I am willing to offer short workshops to groups of friends in someone’s house or to people from a local community in a community building, such as a village hall. I can also give individual tuition in dowsing.

Workshops this Autumn

18th November: Introduction to Dowsing  and 19th November Dowsing for Health   Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire

9th December:  half day Learn to Dowse   Mentmore, Buckinghamshire.

Please see contact page for more information and to book a space on my workshops.

I am fortunate to live in the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, with beech woodlands, chalk grasslands, ancient hill forts, interspersed by canals and streams….a lovely landscape with which to connect and to explore.

If you are interested in deepening your personal connection to the landscape, I can offer half day, whole day or weekend coaching in this wonderful environment.

Please contact me for details if you are interested in finding out more about any of the above.

“Dear Sara, I feel so lucky to have spent two days with you in the beautiful woods of Buckinghamshire. Dipping my toes into the intriguing world of earth energies, you provided me with some very useful tools and techniques to connect to nature and to communicate with the natural world that surrounds me. Thanks for sharing your interesting thoughts and valuable skills, for answering my many questions and for creating many more. You definitely whetted my appetite.”  – Karen

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